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This site offers a sensible form of self-development through a deep exploration of entrepreneurship, psychology, and philosophy. You’ll also find a little bit of my own shenanigans now and then.

3 Ways BusinessLifeTactics.com Differs from Other Personal Growth Resources:

  • The purpose of life is just to live it, and happiness is trainable.
  • There’s opportunity in chaos, and growing through difficulties gives meaning to life.
  • You can take life sincerely without taking it so seriously. Your biggest enemy is within.

If these ideas appeal to you then here are some random articles to start with to get a general grasp of what the site is about (clicking each one opens a new tab):

The Birth of a Hater – The Dark Side of Being in BusinessFailing is a Good Sign

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How did the site begin?

After reaching some business goals with a company I started in 2012 (10 years now!), I realized some things from my life experiences.

It’s almost as if there was an invisible string pulling me along, guiding me to the exact situations and circumstances I needed to grow. Not just financially, but personally as well.

It wasn’t long until people were buying me coffee and lunch to pick my brain.

The more people I spoke to, the more I realized that this invisible guiding string wasn’t exclusive to me, but to all people who pursue freedom.

The other thing I realized is that not everyone is as welcoming to those situations and circumstances as I was. And I don’t blame them for it. If their string was anything like mine, it was pulling them to some unknown and uncomfortable territories—territories that make a person want to give up the unconventional path.

That’s when I realized that the freedom and flexibility we all want so badly as entrepreneurs come with some real demands.

The big three:

  1. A clear sense of direction.
  2. Determination and laser-like focus.
  3. The ability to hold yourself accountable.

And that’s when I started researching and writing my book, Wired for Success: Practical Philosophies to Master Entrepreneurship & Live Life on Your Terms.

Who Am I?

Hi, my name’s Edmond. Since starting my first business in 2012, I found that I love working with people and that I have a unique perspective that allows me to explain complicated concepts in ways that are both understandable and actionable. Since then I’ve personally worked with thousands of people from all over the world. I’ve addressed concerns around business operations, marketing, investments, health, and relationships. I’ve talked people out of terrible life decisions, inspired health-promoting practices, and helped build thriving 6-figure businesses.

My goals with this site and my writing are to provide some food for thought and fuel for change. Not because I think I’m some guru or have all the answers, like “I’m great and you suck, here’s what you need to do.” But because I’m fascinated with business and personal development, and I love to share what I learn. So, I aim to come from a place of humility; as in, “Being human means we can all suck sometimes. Here’s how I deal with it, hopefully it helps you too.”

My main promise to you is this: Your connection with me will help you see your challenges and hardships in a new light—in one that can turn the moments of life that really suck into fuel for growth.

Aside from my book and course, I offer personal consultations as well.

If you’d like to get in touch with me, feel free to email me. Also, feel free to connect with me through Facebook.

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