Basics of Productivity

Forget all the fancy hacks you’ve heard about productivity.

Let’s get back to the basics, the fundamentals, the ABCs.

Ultimately, effectively creating the things you want—in business, relationships, and health—comes down to just two things: intention & attention.

Intention is your purpose, your aim, your objective.

It’s an environment we create within us that represents a commitment to carrying out a set of behaviors in the world outside us.

It’s what we INTEND to do. Our plans. The forethought.

When our intentions are aligned—when we’re being real with ourselves—it’s easier to be confident in what you’re trying to do.

It automatically brings vitality to whatever you’re doing. It brings it to life.

And it helps you maintain direction, too.

It’s both empowering and necessary, and as long as you maintain focus, you’ll create an outcome you’re satisfied with.

And that’s the second part I’m referencing—focus—where one put their attention.

The more a person understands the significance of attention, the less likely they are to waste time.

When people REALLY understand the significance of attention, they excel in marketing—that’s a talk for another post though.

Really, life’s all about where we put our attention.

Right now, your attention is with me.

You’ve decided I have something useful for you. Something that will either provide you an immediate or future benefit.

From what you’ve read in the past, you’ve determined I align with your intentions. The stuff I have to say makes a difference in your life.

Or, you’re bored and entertaining yourself by consuming content.

Either way, I’m grateful and intend to make the ride worthwhile for you.

My point is, if you’ve got a vision in mind, with intentions to create something great, but haven’t got a solid hold of where your attention goes, you’re working against yourself.
One can have the purest intentions to start a business helping people, but if their attention is drifting from cat videos to video games to who said what to them, the people who need their help aren’t going to get it, and consequently, the would-be business person is going to miss out on creating that stream of income.

What it comes down to is this…

It doesn’t matter if we set goals, avoid emails and notifications, or drown ourselves in the strongest Colombian coffee—or tea, if that’s your thing (it’s mine).

Our attention needs to follow our intentions.

They must be aligned.

This means we can’t give value to all our thoughts.

When a thought that isn’t aligned to your purpose comes, let it.

Then, let it go, and get back to what you should be doing.
(Kind of like I did with the tea a few lines up.)

Keeping your attention where you want it is a practice. A discipline. And it’s a really important one.

Don’t put your attention on perishable things.

Instead, put it on things that matter.

Things that will benefit you and those you love.

Things that will help you bring your vision to life.

Those running the show—the ones “in power”—know this. And they try to use it against us.

Don’t fall for their trap.

Don’t lose yourself to the chaos, to materialistic ideals, to mediocrity.

“The successful warrior is the average man with laser-like focus.” — Bruce Lee

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