Become Sold on Selling

In the marketplace, SALES spells the difference between failure and success. 🎯

It’s the bloodline of any business.

The reality is…

It doesn’t matter how great your product is, how valuable your service is, if you can’t sell it, you’re stuck with no one knowing about your greatness. 😶

Now, if you’ve been struggling to get some sales, that might make you feel intimidated.

Maybe even anxious.

That’s OK.

It’s natural to feel that way.

It just means this entrepreneurial journey is going to help you grow some more. 💪

That’s what that feeling of discomfort is—a sign of growth.

I go through it too.We all go through it.


It never ends—unless you give up.

But, that’s not you.

You made a commitment to grow your business. 👈

A part of growing a business is learning—both about yourself and about what you do.

So, let’s flip the script. 🔃

That’s not intimidation—that’s inspiration.

That’s not anxiety—that’s excitement.

This is what the entrepreneur’s path is about.

Becoming inspired by the possibilities and excited about what’s to come.

There’s already a sales superstar inside you. 🏆


You just have to let it out.

It’s simple.

It could even be easy.

Just don’t let some past experiences bog you down.


Are you sold?

Do you want to know what I’ve learned about sales?

Here are 4 simple tips you can implement on your next sales appointment:

1. Stop talking so much.

2. Start listening more.

3. Stop trying to sell something.

4. Start looking for ways to help.

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