How One Needs The Other

It’s a fact of life that everything is relative.

About a hundred years ago, Einstein showed us that the way we see the world depends on our point of view and context.

That means ten of us could be looking at the very same thing, and each of us could draw a different conclusion about what we see.

Your experience would be unique to you, as mine would be to me.

There’s Order in Chaos

You’ve probably noticed, there’s a lot of chaos in the world these days.

Things are changing fast and, for the most part, are unpredictable.

A global virus is testing the systems we have in place. Technology is evolving and creating new possibilities. Governments are in a frenzy, challenged to adapt and keep up.

The average joe/jane could feel uncertain about the times ahead. They might wonder what the end to all this will be and when things will go back to normal.