Remembering the Inevitability of Death

“Time is against us”

We’ve all heard that one before.

Probably felt it, too.

Things pile up, and with so much to do, it sometimes seems impossible to stay balanced.

The clock keeps ticking, though. And life goes on—at least, until it doesn’t.

The Force of Rationalization

Have you recognized that “thing” within you that doesn’t want you to have the “good life”?

It’s there, within each of us, and it has the influence to take control in such a way where it convinces us it knows what’s best.

The Myth of “I’ll Be Happy When…”

One of the greatest myths underlying the common sense of our society is the idea that happiness comes from things we get.

From a young age, we’re trained into the “I’ll be happy when…” attitude.

The Other Side to a Decision

The money. The house. The cars.

The luxury. The so-called freedom.

All the toys you can play with, and more money than you know what to do with.

Sounds nice, right?

Surrendering To Inner Guidance

Somewhere out there, there’s someone who really wanted to do some extraordinary things with their life.

They promised themselves they’d do it.

They even shared it with some people close to them, too.

But… they never did.

The Two Major Motivating Factors

At the start of any endeavor, there are two major motivations.

One is to win, the other is to learn—and they make a Big difference.

Two Types of Individuals are Revealed in Chaos

Looking around, there are really just two types of individuals.

When faced with chaos and uncertainty—like this recent pandemic—these types are revealed.

Type ‘A’, which there are very few of, everyone looks to with admiration or envy.

The other type, ‘B’, generally lacks the awareness to know that they’re that type. Instead, they play the blame game.

Boredom is Good For You

Modern culture is dead set against boredom.

It leaks in our common speech: “Bored to Death,” “Bored Stiff,” “Bored Out of my Mind”.

But it’s not because there’s nothing to do. Especially these days, there’s really so much to do.

Really, when we’re bored, what’s happening is that nothing appeals to us.

The Truth About Where You Come From

Hey, you’re human, right?

Conservative, Liberal, Christian, Muslim, Atheist, White, Brown, Black, Upper Class, Lower Class, Middle Class – it doesn’t matter right now.

There are threats we face that don’t care about those differences.

There are threats we face that do just one thing – destroy the life of the Human Organism.

How We’re Programmed

Have you noticed how They bond with you?

How They’re always pushing the same material?

How They stir up feelings of distress, distrust, and anxiety?

How They’re always trying to separate us from one another, only to draw us closer to them?