What’s an Entrepreneur?

What’s the role of the Entrepreneur, and what do they do?


I recently heard a pretty cool answer from a master hypnotist, during his interview on a podcast interview:

An Entrepreneur is a person who dictates where their life goes; any day, any month, any year. It’s someone who sets their own schedule, and works for themselves. Most importantly, it’s a person who spends time investing into themselves; mentally, physically, and spiritually.

Since the start of my own Entrepreneurial journey, I’ve realized that the biggest obstacles I’ve faced (and continue to face) were the inward challenges; struggles that people didn’t necessarily see or understand immediately.

Sure, there was financing issues, experience issues, licensing issues, strategic issues, and almost any other type of issue a fresh new entrepreneur would experience; but, most of those were the simple stuff. Most of the time, I knew exactly what I needed to do when an issue came up; and if I didn’t, I knew there was a way to find out, so I went to research.

The real struggles weren’t the ones most people saw; they were the ones in my own mind – somewhere deep in the patterns of my thoughts.


It’s no longer a mystery to me why almost all the great business or self-development books point back to the individual’s mind.


From what I’ve seen around me, the highest achieving Entrepreneurs, for the most part, seem to be very self-actualized people. 

They’re pretty familiar with themselves, and they constantly work to increase their potential, in order to provide better value to others.

In addition, I’ve noticed they’re able to really focus on the moment, and be quite adapt to surprises along the way.


Along with a ton of other similar characteristics, I’ve noticed the entrepreneur’s perspective is geared toward noticing opportunities.

They also know just how to position themselves so their strengths are aligned, and their weaknesses bear little-to-no risk.

Above all, entrepreneurs do whatever it takes to sculpt the life they desire, and they’re alright with making mistakes – and even failing.


All in all, the more I look into it, the patterns show that it’s an entrepreneur’s role is to continuously develop their own perspective, and to honestly express themselves in their work.