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Walk More To See More

If you’re trying to create something extraordinary you may not be able to today, but tomorrow you can. Follow me for a second. If you’re walking down a path and you can only see the first ten feet in front of you, how can you see the next ten feet?

Spiritual Approach To Getting Things Done

We live in a society that promotes hard work and seems to reward constant action.It’s common that we hear the phrase “hustle hard to make it”, “hard work pays off”, “80 hour work weeks!”. This leads many into investing massive amounts of hours into their work to get things done. There’s a sense of lack, […]

Your Reason Closes The Gap From A to B

The people that come to me for advice on getting to the next level generally want to start a business or grow their new business. They’ve seen me or others working for themselves and they associate the endeavor with status, freedom, or massive wealth. It’s attractive. Today, to become an entrepreneur almost seems to be […]

Why Success Leads to Depression

The entrepreneurial lifestyle is portrayed as a highly sought-after way of life in modern society. People who don’t even run businesses put the tagline in their social media bio and begin calling themselves entrepreneurs—not really knowing what it truly means to be one. Owning and running a business is viewed as ‘The Thing To Do’ […]

Security vs. Freedom

There’s a bunch of business people who strive to create perfect security in their lives. They might inspire you with their huge goals and ambition. But, be careful, because the scenario is sorta like the pigs who are fed and made fat… right before they’re slaughtered for their meat.

How to Improve Your Sales Process

You’ve probably heard me mention on more than one occasion how important sales are to a business’s survival. Since my last post on it, I’ve received several messages with people inquiring to improve their sales process. Looking at what’s out there, it’s incredible how complicated some of these “gurus” can make the sales process out […]