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How to Improve Your Sales Process

You’ve probably heard me mention on more than one occasion how important sales are to a business’s survival. Since my last post on it, I’ve received several messages with people inquiring to improve their sales process. Looking at what’s out there, it’s incredible how complicated some of these “gurus” can make the sales process out […]

Ideas Are Only Useful When Acted On

Looking around at the many successful business tycoons, it’s clear that all it really takes is one good idea to solve a problem once thought to be impossible to solve.   One good idea to create success beyond that which is imaginable.   That means any of us is one idea away from taking our […]

The Right Attitude for Sales

All businesses have one thing in common, and this thing determines whether they keep their doors open or closed. Like the heart is to the human body, this thing is a critical facet to any company’s survival. Regardless if it’s an auto dealership, an ice cream shop, a doctor’s office, or a martial arts school, […]