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Using Honesty to Reach Goals

Being human is an interesting experience; we always want more. What it is, isn’t the topic; but just the feeling that there’s this drive inside each of us, that perpetually persuades us to “grow”. It could be physically, financially, intellectually, spiritually, romantically, or whatever; we’re driven, especially in the west, by our desires to “better”. […]

The Basis of the Dalai Lama’s Philosophy

“Sometimes when I meet old friends, it reminds me how quickly time passes. And it makes me wonder if we’ve utilized our time properly or not. Proper utilization of time is so important. While we have this body, and especially this amazing human brain, I think every minute is something precious. Our day-to-day existence is […]

The Story of the Master’s Gifts

One day, a tall, old-aged, wrinkly skinned master gathered three of his favorite students. He told them of some alarming situation, and expressed that he was going away for a little while. Before he left, he wanted to give each of them something to take care of.   The master gave one student 5 gifts, […]

Elementary Basics of Debt

Debt sucks. Being in debt sucks more. But it happens; it’s a major part to the financial system we’ve created and are apart of. Plastic IOU cards are some of the easiest things to get, and we always have something in mind that we want to buy.   So, how do we make sure we stay […]

The Story of Wise Ralph

Once upon a time, there was a wise man named Ralph. Ralph was a simple man, who was always incredibly grateful for his life, regardless of his circumstances. One day, Ralph won the lottery. Ralph’s friends and loved ones came to him and congratulated him on his winnings; they told him he was very lucky. […]

6 Ways to Create Your Own Job

Money is an important part to our society; it’s how we measure the value of exchange between people in the market. Without it, it’s increasingly difficult to survive in the communities we’ve built. That’s why most of us get a job, and work for a company. More often than not though, we hate our jobs. […]

Investments we Don’t Always Have in Mind

The types of investments we make will determine the quality of life we experience.   Normally, when we think about investments, we think in monetary terms; investments into stocks, bonds, real estate, etc. It’s a little less often we hear the term “investments” when it comes to our time/energy/attention. Being that monetary goods can always be replaced, […]

Where does my Puzzle Piece Fit?

The world is like a giant puzzle board, and we’re all trying to find how our piece best fits. In today’s fast paced, technology world, it’s so easy to be flooded with so much information. It’s no surprise when the light bulb in the entrepreneurs mind goes off; they’re always finding themselves with new ideas to […]

What’s an Entrepreneur?

What’s the role of the Entrepreneur, and what do they do?   I recently heard a pretty cool answer from a master hypnotist, during his interview on a podcast interview: An Entrepreneur is a person who dictates where their life goes; any day, any month, any year. It’s someone who sets their own schedule, and works […]