Feeling stuck, struggling, or in a rut? Looking for direction from someone sincere and qualified? Have something BIG you’re working on that you have the sudden urge to talk about with someone who won’t think you’re crazy—and will actually give you step-by-step directions on how to make things better? Then a consultation may be right for you.

I do both phone and email consultations and I’m really good at helping people get clarity, make more money, find better customers, and getting them to think bigger and feel better about their life. I’ve been doing this for a while now and have seen some incredible results from the people I’ve worked with. Learn more below.

“Edmond is one of the most versatile consultants/coaches that I’ve worked with for mindset, accountability, and clarity, and he has a really unique methodology to solving problems. He’s helped me view my business in an entirely new light, opening up exciting opportunities for growth and development. I highly recommend him to you if you’re an aspiring entrepreneur, or you’re already an entrepreneur but you’re stuck on an issue and not sure how to take it to the next level. He has a solid process to take you through your roadblocks and enable you to release your potential and surge ahead, in business and in life.”

— Tudor Dumitrescu
Digital Marketing Agency Owner & Podcast Host

“I took the opportunity to work with Edmond and I’m glad I did. I found him to be approachable and a great listener, both personable and professional. He helped me with my questions and gave me direction for my brand. He also helped me get real around time management and followed up with resources specific to my problems.”

— Genevra Siciliano
Photography Business Owner & Writing Coach

“I’m going to put it out there, if you’re an entrepreneur, an agency or store owner, or just someone sick of following the same path that “life” presents to you and you’re looking to break the hold and achieve YOUR best results, Edmond is your guy. I’ve recently become acquainted with Ed over the last 6 months, and I can tell you I’ve NEVER felt more clear on the path I need to take for success. Not only does he run a successful business (one that generates ACTUAL profit), but he has the people skills to really listen to you and provide meaningful advicehe has the strategic vision to help you formulate a successful plan of action for whatever path you decide to take, and more importantly Ed will help you conquer the obstacles that constantly hold you back – whether internal or external. I’m not big on coaches as I’ve always been a lone wolf. But I can say with absolute certainty that I’ve made more money, built stronger relationships with professionals and friends, and overcame many challenges that would have been near impossible without Ed’s guiding hand.”

— Kevin Van Douglas
Digital Marketing Agency Owner

Here’s how it works: You have an idea of what you want, or maybe even a rough plan, but you’re struggling with something you can’t seem to get over. We set up a time and focus on that issue for a full hour (or longer) until you have the clarity and knowledge to tackle it.

“Edmond mentored me for a few months. I must say he helped me gain clarity in my vision, helped me set up my business with his guidance, and helped me grow my business. An absolute genius and a great advisor! His mentorship is packed with absolute value and wisdom. Thank you, Edmond.”

— Nimra Komal
Illustration & Graphic Design Agency Owner

“I met Edmond near the beginning of my entrepreneurial journey, and I’m so glad that I did. His experience and guidance have helped me gain clarity on fundamental issues that have allowed me to navigate running several businesses with confidence. He is always right on time with the necessary questions to guide me to the answers I already have, and then it’s followed up with support while I implement my ideas. Edmond has a really special way of leading by example while showing you that what is possible for him, is absolutely possible for you too. If you are looking for that kind of growth that comes from having the exact right mentor, who can guide you to becoming exactly who you were meant to be, Edmond is it.”

— Tia Brown
Web Design Agency Owner

These single consultations are really the best way to resolve a singular specific issue in the short term or to get some direction for the long term. Whether it’s having me analyze a specific situation or problem, or just bouncing some ideas off me to get some feedback, it really is amazing what can be accomplished with these calls. A lot of people use consultations every few weeks as a way to have someone experienced to keep them accountable and give them specific things to work on and improve over a longer period of time.

“Ed, first and foremost, is a really cool guy! Not just to work with but also to hang out and discuss really interesting subjects. Philosophy, psychology, marketing, you name it. His depth and breadth of knowledge is among the most impressive I’ve come across. In terms of method, he’s supportive and understanding. You feel like he listens and truly gets you. Working with Edmond makes for a great learning experience, whether you’re looking for clarity in your marketing, your mindset, or just life in general.”

— Ioan Mateescu
Software Company Owner

Multiplied PROFITS & GROWTH!! That’s what you get when you work with Edmond. He found a way to expose my business to an entirely new audience that easily more than tripled my revenue! I like to do things myself and had never worked with a consultant in the past, but I’m really happy I decided to hear Ed out when my colleague referred me. His business strategies transformed the way I do things and I’m incredibly grateful. Thank you!”

— Loris Ayvazyan
eCommerce Business Owner

“Edmond Abramyan is not only great to work with but has a way of helping you believe in yourself, and helping you bring about your own dreams to be an entrepreneur as well as a better person.”

— Marta Moran Bishop
Author, Poet, Radio Talk Show Host

Use my brain. Let me help you solve problems and find opportunities you can take advantage of with minimal effort. It’s there. You just might not see it because you’re in too deep. And let’s face it, an outside perspective from someone experienced is always good. We all need someone we can bounce ideas off to take us to that next level. Let me be that for you. Hire my brain and let me be your outside pair of eyes and ears if you think you can use them. They can help you.