Failing is a Good Sign

Not getting the results you want?
Failing in your business attempts, artistic endeavors, or with your relationships?
This might make one feel angry, hopeless, shameful, maybe even envious of others’ achievements.

It’s painful. 😔
I know, because I’ve been there.
I’ve felt it in my business career, in my writing endeavors, in martial arts, and in my relationships.
It hurts. 😖
But, believe it or not, that pain can be a good thing. 🧐
Embracing the pain that accompanies failure can be a strong motivating factor to find better solutions and improve for next time.
However, that’s not what most people do.
Most people distract themselves from their mistakes, rationalize their faults, and make failure a reality by quitting. 👎
It’s the consequence of having faulty belief systems.
The human organism is built to not only handle failure but to learn from it. It’s a sign that we’re challenging ourselves to do something new or difficult.
Think of a baby learning to walk. 👶
At no point after falling does the infant lay on the floor and think “this walking thing just must not be for me.”
It crawls a bit, finds its strength, and gets back up to try again. 💪
We’ve all gone through this.
Many times actually.
Think of anything you’re good at.
You showed up, tried, and tried again until you got better. 📈
That’s how it works.
We all have the ability to persevere.
We all have the ability to learn from our mistakes and carry on.
So, if you’re finding yourself experiencing the pain of failure, congratulate yourself – you’re experiencing the emotions that go with growth. 👏
You’re getting one step closer to those results you want.
Don’t let the pain of failure stop you from another attempt.
Find your strength.
Then get up and try again.
Remember, the black belt has tapped more times than the white belt has been on the mat. 🥋