Fruits of Success

The goal you’ve chosen for yourself – if it’s fulfilled – will you consider your life a successful one? What is success to you?

If you have health and wealth but have trouble with everybody in your life (including yourself), is your life really a successful one?

You can lose wealth and you’ve lost little.

You can lose health and you’ve lost something of greater importance.

Lose peace of mind, and you’ve lost the greatest treasure—and now you’re far more susceptible to lose your wealth and health.

That’s how we know that success shouldn’t be measured by worldly standards of wealth, fame, and power.

None of these will bring happiness unless they’re rightly used.

And existence is fruitless if you can’t be happy.

Measure your success by the extent of your happiness.

And if you want to measure your happiness, take a look at the quality of your relationships.

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