How We’re Programmed

Have you noticed how They bond with you?

How They’re always pushing the same material?

How They stir up feelings of distress, distrust, and anxiety?

How They’re always trying to separate us from one another, only to draw us closer to them?

How they make us feel like we’re not enough, only better than others—to keep us separated?

Notice how they hide the complete truth, and how they bend and manipulate events.

They’re discretely using the emotion of fear against us.


We’re easier to control when we’re afraid.

When we’re anxious, when we’re suspicious, our thoughts are easily influenced.

How would this happen? We’re intelligent people. We’ve been around. We know how this type of stuff works. We have good judgment. We would never be used. This would never happen to us.

Except, it does.

And I’ll tell you how.

Our brain is designed that way – to pay close attention to things that are “wrong”, things that are a “threat”.


We think they’re on our side. We think they’re just trying to inform us. We think they want the best for us.

So, we trust them.

As any decent person would trust someone who seems like they’re on our side.

It’s the right thing to do – you scratch my back, I scratch yours.

One race under the clouds, right? One family.

After all, they’re people just like us.

And, they are.

Except, they’re not.

They have agendas – just like us – but theirs are hidden and don’t include us.

They don’t want to grow WITH us. They want to grow AHEAD of us.

They’re not happy when we’re happy—when we’re succeeding.

Deep down, they’re still struggling to find their own happiness.

Their idea of success is completely warped.

So, they go on, unconscious of their own wrongdoings.

Because, well, in their minds, they’re the RIGHTEOUS ones. Doing the Good Deed..

Letting the Good people know…

Except, that’s not really what’s happening.

What’s really happening is they live in a shitty reality. In their minds, it’s a dog-eat-dog world. They haven’t experienced real love – real connection. They don’t know what it means to be standing side by side. They just want to be on top. THAT’S their pleasure.

They plant seeds of hatred, envy, anger—magnify the chaos and make it seem like there’s no hope.

They look for a target, for an event, for an avenue… They look for something to “expose”.

More attention. More viewers. More people tuning in.

Like leeches, they feed off this stuff.

This is their sad reality, and it’s one to pity.

We know better though. We are better.

And we can’t allow them to feed off us.

What we do is silence the mind, listen to the heart, tune into the gut. The entire body speaks to us. There’s a deep reservoir of intuition, of wisdom.

All we need to do is tap into it and really Listen.

We’re worthy of an extraordinary life.

We’re worthy of adventures and fantastic memories.

We’re worthy of happiness, health, and prosperity.

What makes it so?

We’re Human Beings – the most incredible, most evolved, most advanced creature to walk this planet.

Our body knows this. The memory in our genes SCREAMS it.

It just yearns to be heard.


Silence the Mind

…and Listen.

stay informed and get the advantage

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