Ideas Are Only Useful When Acted On

Looking around at the many successful business tycoons, it’s clear that all it really takes is one good idea to solve a problem once thought to be impossible to solve.
One good idea to create success beyond that which is imaginable.
That means any of us is one idea away from taking our lives and businesses to the next level.

One could read this and feel a surge of inspiration.
Their imagination could be stimulated and their thoughts renewed with a burst of creativity.
Another could read this and feel motivated, but also stuck.
What if the wrong idea is pursued?
What if our time is wasted?
See, the world is like a giant puzzle board, and we’re all trying to find how our piece best fits into it.
In today’s fast paced, technology world, it’s so easy to be flooded with so much information – too much information.
It’s no surprise when the light bulb in the creative’s mind will go off.
For someone with their eyes open, there’s always some new idea that can be pursued.
But, it’s not always an idea is decided upon, planned out, and acted on.
Many times, people find themselves stuck in the brainstorming phase.
Or, they have a good idea, and they know it’s a good idea, but they never take it anywhere.
Thinking about it, there’s a time for everything.
A time to think, a time to analyse, and a time to jump in, and join the dance.
Sometimes we spend so long thinking about a certain idea, that it’s all we end up doing – thinking.
Days, weeks, months go by, and all we’ve done is think of more things to think about.
It’s necessary to have a plan; but, a plan is only good if it’s put to work with some good old-fashioned experimenting.
Even if the plan isn’t complete, if enough ideas can be put together, the plan will eventually form itself.
Additional clarity always comes through once some action is applied.
From there, the vision only becomes clearer.
Once one has designed their idea, they can create some sort of prototype.
Then, that prototype can be put to a test. Experiments can be conducted. Data can be gathered.
Did it work?
Great! We can move forward to bring in the missing elements to create the business and launch.
Didn’t work?
No big deal!
We take what we learned and go back to the drawing board.
It wasn’t a failure. We just learned that’s the particular way it won’t work.
Once we eliminate all the ways that won’t work, we find the way that DOES work.
It’s said that if your first release doesn’t have any mistakes, you waited too long to release.
I think if we’re to find that special spot, where our piece fits, it’s going to be in the daily grind, pursuing our dreams and ideas.
The best time to have started was two months ago, two years ago, when that idea first came to mind.
The second best time is now.
There’s never been a better time for a new idea.
It could be daunting, but it’s very likely much simpler than we make it.
There really are so many ways to bring an idea into fruition – into reality.
All it takes is one good idea to start.
All it takes is one good idea to level up.
Let’s keep in mind – Procrastination is a real thing.
And, if we let it, it’ll kill any hopes and dreams we have.
“Knowing is not enough, we must apply. Willing is not enough, we must do.”
– Bruce Lee