I help creative professionals struggling with growing their business to get positioned online and earn a steady income.

Your phone buzzes. The notification light turns on. You pick it up – another sale. All that effort you put in is finally paying off and you’re killing it. Money is now rolling in and your online business is officially up and running.

What a relief. You can now relax and take a breather. You have time to decide on the next project you want to take on. If it were so…

Is that something that crosses your mind? Something you’ve wanted to do? Something you’re committed to? And ready to invest in?

If you were serious about leveraging the power of the internet, I might be able to help you. My solution only works if you’re fully in though. It will take time and effort, and you will need to make promises and keep them. You can do it though. Your intentions in the right place.

Beware though, there are a lot of frauds out there. People selling snake oil. Cheating others from their hard-earned money. These people are less qualified than you, and they’re using the system for harm.

You’re trying to add to the world though, right? —Not just take from it? That’s what’s great. Ready for what’s next?

How Do I Work?

The internet is filled with coaches who claim to be experts in the fields of health, wealth, and relationships. For someone looking for a mentor to help them get to the next level, it can be confusing—or even overwhelming—trying to find the right one.

I understand exactly how it feels to be puzzled by the number of options available online today. Couple that with feeling like you’re not making it anywhere and it can be incredibly frustrating… ESPECIALLY if you have others relying on you and you feel like you’re letting them down.

That’s why I’ve designed my program to get you going from day one. To start, we create your personalized game plan to get you online in front of paying customers as fast as possible. We’ll discuss and map out the products and services you can provide in exchange for some cash. Then, it’s all about tackling the clearly defined actionable steps and hitting the goals we establish together after that.

Your goals are important to me because a society of happier people is important to me. Collective evolution is important to me. Freedom is important to me. I want to see results with you.

With our experience of reality shifting and evolving at such rapid rates, the only thing that can keep a person back is their own self—outdated patterns and ways of seeing and doing things. People dabbling and quitting when it gets hard.

That’s not you though. You know better. Join the fight against mediocrity with me.

Book your initial consultation and let’s discuss how we’re going to get you online so you can make money leveraging the internet—working from home. Proving it’s possible for the good guys to win.

Want a consultation? Borrow my brain.

I don’t have an immediate solution and can’t solve your problems for you.

What I can do, is help you with answers. Guidance. Direction. Help. Support. Guaranteed.

12-month 1-on-1 Program

In this program you get:
– 24 x 60-minute private sessions via Zoom/Skype/Telephone.
– Feedback and Q&A in between calls via text/messenger/email.
– Custom-tailored program specific to your needs.
– Strategic implementation plans for you to put into action immediately and accountability to follow through.
– Tools, Assignments, Exercises, and Resources to get you moving in the right direction, to keep you on track, and to get results.

With Me At Your Side, You’ll Have…

– A teacher. A guide. A mentor. Endless support from someone who’s done what you’re doing.
– A strategizing partner with expertise in business development and marketing to get the greatest return on your products and services.
– Someone to listen to your ideas and provide you insightful feedback, without judgment or harsh criticisms.
– A guarantee to always know your next actionable step, and motivation to keep you moving forward.

Want a consultation? Borrow my brain.

Why have a mentor?
Mentoring is a results-focused endeavor that will call you forward to bring out the best version of yourself so that you can pursue your dreams and create the life you desire. Typically, we identify one big project that you will tackle during our time together. It’s said that if you can reach your goal alone, you’re not dreaming big enough. Having a mentor ensures you overcome mental barriers and self-limiting beliefs that hold you back from really stepping up.

What type of Mentoring do you offer?
I focus on business mentoring, transformation, and life strategy. I believe self-awareness and personal transformation are the keys to staying adaptable, and ultimately successful, in an ever-changing world.

Are our sessions private?
Absolutely! All of our exchanges, be it via Zoom, Skype, telephone, text, messenger, or email, are all confidential and kept private.

How much do you charge?
Initial consultations are $250. The 12-month program is a private program. The process involves a commitment from both the client and the coach. Before I accept any new client for the 12-month program, I like to understand their situation and get a better idea of what they’re trying to do. At the end of the consultation, if I feel we’re a good fit, I will let you know and disclose the price. The $250 that’s paid for the initial consultation can serve as a deposit for the 12-month program and won’t count as one of the private sessions.

What makes you different from other business mentors or life coaches?
I’m not just a mentor—I’m a business owner myself, an author, and a martial artist. Not only have I actually built a company from the ground up, but because I’ve gone through the process myself, I’ve radically developed perspective on the journey to be able to help others on the path. My unique methodologies are created from a decade of experience in business development, marketing strategy, psychology, and philosophy. If you’re an open-minded person struggling with something in business or personal transformation, I know I can help you—and if it turns out I can’t, I know I can at least give you resources that will put you on the right path.

If you have the will, I can show you the way…

Book a call today and let’s get started.