Reality Behind the Entrepreneur Lifestyle

The entrepreneur’s life.

Setting your own schedule and running your business the way YOU want.

The idea of taking charge and becoming your own “boss”.

Today, more than ever, it looks like a fabulous lifestyle most people want.

For sure, Social Media icons glorify it.

The money. The freedom. The followers.

The end result is put on display and flashed around, making the position a highly sought after one.

Those unaware of the journey see it and crave it.

Why not? Who wouldn’t want that life?

Especially when they feel enslaved waking up to go to a job they don’t want to go to – irritated about the people they’re surrounded by.

When they’re distressed about not having the time or money to do the things they want to do, or be with the people they want to be with.

The entrepreneur lifestyle would seem like the dream life for an individual in this position.

And really, if all they see is the money, freedom, and followers, the entrepreneur life IS a dream life.

The DREAM life, because that individual isn’t awake to the reality of what it really takes.

They don’t see all the heartache and struggle that’s been overcome behind the scenes.

They don’t see the countless rejections, losses, and disappointments.

They don’t know about the doubt, the criticism, the rumors, the betrayals.

They have no idea about the sacrifices, sleepless nights, or grappling with an empty bank account all alone, trying to bring an idea to life.

See, a lot of people try the “entrepreneur life”.

Most see the lifestyle from the outside, and they want it for the WIN.

These are the people who eventually quit.

Who actually “makes it”?

The ones who make it are the ones who are there not to win, but to DELIVER wins to others.

They’re the ones who SHOW UP every day, for free. They know they have something of VALUE that will make a difference.

These are people who WORK HARD every day, for free. There is no clock-in/clock-out.

These are people who are LEARNING and IMPROVING every day, on their own dime. A growth mindset is not just necessary, it’s mandatory.

They’re doing all this every single day to build for a tomorrow that’s not certain.

And, while doing all this every single day, deep down, they feel like quitting every single day.

This is the reality behind that “fabulous lifestyle everybody would want”.

It’s tough, and it’s not for everybody.

However, if you do feel called, and if you do want to DELIVER VALUE to make a POSITIVE DIFFERENCE in another’s life, your heart won’t have it any other way.


Your future depends on it, and your sanity depends on it.

Mediocrity is not for you.

A life of conforming is not for you.

Now, denounce any part of you that feels like you’re not capable, and get back to what you know you need to do.

There’s people you haven’t met yet waiting for you, cheering for you.

“Many people start a business only to make money. Just to make money is not a strong enough mission.”
– Robert Kiyosaki