Security vs. Freedom

There’s a bunch of business people who strive to create perfect security in their lives.

They might inspire you with their huge goals and ambition.

But, be careful, because the scenario is sorta like the pigs who are fed and made fat… right before they’re slaughtered for their meat.

It’s backward to want perfect security in a universe whose very nature is impermanence and unpredictability.

If I want to be secure—protected from life—I’m wanting to be separate from life.

Yet, it’s this very separateness that makes me feel insecure.

To be secure, I need to isolate myself and build walls around me.

Yet, being this isolated self is the very thing that makes me feel lonely and afraid.

The more security I can get, the more I want.

In other words, the desire for security and the feeling of insecurity are the same thing.

Strive for self-sufficiency (that’s what my upcoming book is about), not security. It’s better.

You want to feel free with the universe. You don’t want to feel like you have to constantly protect yourself from it.

So, stay away from those pigs always chasing gold, trying to get fat. They’re not good for ya.