Tag: Nature of Reality

“I am No Thing”

People talk about “being awake” and “knowing the Truth” or being “spiritually enlightened” but haven’t yet realized that everything they think they know—life and death, light and darkness, solid and empty—are relative aspects of something as inconceivable as the smell of color.

Lean Into Fear For a Full Life

Oftentimes, we know just what we need to do to get what we want. The path is almost labeled for us in steps. Our minds tell us: First, X. Then Y. Afterwards, Z. Except there’s this part of us that makes the path seem way more complicated than it is.

This is Your Purpose in Life

People talk a whole lot about finding your “purpose” in life. Some even try to sell you on helping you find it. As if there’s some great calling that you MUST attune to—OR ELSE! They’re pretty crafty with the way they put their pitch together. Makes a person feel like they’re really not doing what […]

The Birth of a Hater

Oftentimes people want things that feel so out of reach to them that it doesn’t seem worthwhile to try. They want to do something—be someone—but there’s never the energy to get up and do it—be it. It’s a normal condition for any human to face, and it usually happens like this:

Control Your Attention To Control Your Life

There is a Chinese curse that says “May he live in interesting times.” Whether you’re a fan of this era or not, you can’t deny that these are definitely interesting times. Although we’re in the midst of disorder and uncertainty, we’re also experiencing the most creative time in the history of recorded mankind.

The Truth About Where You Come From

Hey, you’re human, right? Conservative, Liberal, Christian, Muslim, Atheist, White, Brown, Black, Upper Class, Lower Class, Middle Class – it doesn’t matter right now. There are threats we face that don’t care about those differences. There are threats we face that do just one thing – destroy the life of the Human Organism.

Complete Balance in Chaos

It’s been a year since our collective uncertainty, doubt, and fear surfaced into our societies with COVID-19. Lockdown, Pandemic, and Isolation have become regular words for us. And still, health, money, and bills – regular concerns.