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Why Success Leads to Depression

The entrepreneurial lifestyle is portrayed as a highly sought-after way of life in modern society. People who don’t even run businesses put the tagline in their social media bio and begin calling themselves entrepreneurs—not really knowing what it truly means to be one. Owning and running a business is viewed as ‘The Thing To Do’ […]

Philosophy of Power

Power is alluring to the common man. The idea of having control and authority over others can be highly seductive. Mold, shape, and shift circumstances to your preference. It’s like Burger King—you get to have it your way. But, is that what it really is? Or, is that just an illusion?

Fruits of Success

The goal you’ve chosen for yourself – if it’s fulfilled – will you consider your life a successful one? What is success to you? If you have health and wealth but have trouble with everybody in your life (including yourself), is your life really a successful one?

Limit Noise to Make the Best Decisions

There is a Chinese curse which says “May he live in interesting times.” Whether you’re a fan of this era or not, you can’t deny that these are definitely interesting times. Although we’re in the midst of danger, disorder, and uncertainty, we’re also experiencing the most creative time in the history of recorded mankind.

Winner vs Learner

What are you here for? To win, or to learn? It makes a difference. A BIG difference. A difference in perspective. A difference in performance. A difference in longevity. If you’re trying to win, chance are, you’re not going to be here for long.