Tag: Self-Awareness

Failing is a Good Sign

Not getting the results you want? Failing in your business attempts, artistic endeavors, or with your relationships? This might make one feel angry, hopeless, shameful, maybe even envious of others’ achievements.

The Position of our Shadow Self

This year has been a year of significant change.   Events have shaken and stirred us out of our comfortable routines.   They’ve dusted off the cobwebs and tested our fortitude.   Parts of ourselves once repressed, lurking in the shadows, have been brought to light.

How One Belief Can Shape an Outcome

Ever think about or desire something really deeply, then begin to see it around you everywhere?   Maybe, it’s a car you’ve been wanting. Or, an opportunity you’ve been interested in.   It could even be a personality trait in a person.   You think about it, then you continue to see things that remind […]