The Dark Side of Being in Business

Business is an incredible career path filled with so much flexibility and opportunity. 👍
But, are you aware of the definite dark side to being in business?
It’s a trap many professionals fall into. ⚠️

See, business people are people who find viable means to realize visions.
They see a possibility and then they find a practical means to realize that possibility.
If they do so effectively, profits follow. 💸
In the process, they deepen and enrich the infrastructure of society.
Through their businesses, they contribute stability, growth, opportunities, and so on.
The interesting shift in consciousness is when what was once just a small component effect, which is profit, begins to emerge as the dominant criteria. 😣
Instead of working towards the manifestation of a vision, the businessperson begins working to make a profit.
What was once a side effect becomes the goal.
This becomes so ingrained in the individual’s psyche that they begin to justify their actions in terms of profits, even at the expense sometimes of the enrichment of the infrastructure of the society or the realization of their vision. ❌
Then, they have to build an entire philosophical justification in their mind to handle the fact that their goal has shifted from something which has a social significance to something that has a personal significance.
There is an antidote to this, and it involves introspection and mindfulness.
By having a true north—an orienting point—derived from one’s most deeply held beliefs, values, and principles, the businessperson can stay on track as a leader and creator. ⬆️
No amount of profit should get in the way of manifesting a heartfelt vision.
Avoid the trap of falling into the dark side of business by adhering to your internal compass. ✅
“For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?” – Jesus