WHY is the Reason People Don’t Start Their Business

Many people want to start a business.
They look around and see others working for themselves, and they like the idea.
Maybe it’s the perceived status, freedom, or even the limitless earning opportunities that come with it.
It’s attractive.

Definitely was for me.
And this is especially true in the Western world, where it’s a part of the culture’s spirit.
We call it ‘The American Dream’.
The “Land of the Free”, where there’s unlimited opportunity for prosperity and success.
Where everyone can live a rich life and there’s a chance for all to flourish, without barriers of the past to hinder progress.
Well, these days, this Dream has extended beyond the Western world and into all parts of the globe with access to the internet.
People log into YouTube, social media, and do some searches on Google, and their eyes are opened. Their horizons expanded.
Something clicks inside, and they think, “Hey! I can do that!”
They start to take inventory of the skills they’ve learned.
Various past job experiences rush through their mind.
Their accomplishments flood their memory.
“I have what it takes!” they think.
And, they do.
Then, an important question comes up.
“What business am I going to start?”
Then suddenly, like a parachute opened behind them, they slow their role and begin drifting.
See, from what I’ve noticed, many people are super excited about the idea of starting a business.
Which is great.
But, when it comes to actually putting in the work and to get the wheels turning, the energy just isn’t there.
This is the case for all lifestyle changes.
A person want’s to shift into a healthy life situation. They decide they’re going to drop some bad habits and start exercising. They sign up at the gym, buy various gear and shakes/drinks, go for a few days, then stop. Thing’s end up back to what they used to be.
Another wants to be in a relationship. They buy some new clothes, get a fresh haircut, take some nice photos, sign up on a dating app, maybe even go on a few dates, but at the slightest disappointment, they back out.
All in all, the pattern is the same.
An individual is at point A, and they have this idea that point B is better. However, to close the gap between point A and point B, some changes need to take place.
There could be many reasons why an individual never makes it to point B and stays there, but when it comes down to it, it’s as simple as this:
They don’t have a strong enough WHY.
In the case of starting a business, most think that the work they’re putting in is for money, freedom, or for status.
Right there, they shoot themselves in the foot.
Their attitude on what a business is, is completely backwards.
In almost all cases, a new business owner is investing all their funds back into the business to grow it. They don’t see profits for a good while.
As far as freedom goes, good luck. You’re working around the clock, from the moment you wake up until the moment you lay down to sleep – if you do get the chance to sleep.
You want this thing to succeed, right?
That’s what it’s going to take.
And, in regards to status, unless you have some incredibly wealthy and well-recognized partners, you’re starting from the same place everyone else does – the BOTTOM.
So, what is the proper perspective on what a business is?
Well, first and foremost, a business is created and becomes successful because it solves a viable problem.
In other words, it provides VALUE.
It makes the lives of OTHERS easier.
Starting a business with the “me first” mentality is bound to get you into trouble.
Yes – that business is yours and ultimately, it will serve you.
However, before it’s able to do that, it has to serve countless others and become a fine-tuned systematic machine in the process.
This is how one actually achieves the freedom, earns the money, and gains the status.
So, if you’re wondering what business to start, take a step back. Save yourself the disappointment, and reanalyze your approach.
Instead of wondering what business to start, ask yourself the question of what PROBLEM you want to SOLVE.
From there, it won’t feel like a chore doing everything you need to do. But rather, it’ll feel like you’re fulfilling an obligation to help people, to be of service.
It’s a small shift in perspective, but it allows one to develop a powerful enough WHY to get them from point A to point B.
Plus, it removes a whole bunch of mental hurdles that you really don’t have to jump over.
“You will get all you want in life, if you help enough other people get what they want.”
– Zig Ziglar