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Feeling stuck, struggling, or in a rut? Looking for another perspective from someone qualified who isn’t as knee deep in it as you are? Have something BIG you’re working on that you have the sudden urge to talk about with someone who won’t think you’re crazy? Someone who will give you step-by-step directions on how to make things better? Then a consultation may be right for you.

Focused On Results

Action breeds clarity.

Here’s how it works: You have an idea of what you want, or maybe even a rough plan, and you want some feedback. Or, you’re struggling with one particular issue and want someone to help you solve it. We set up a time and focus on that issue for a full hour (or longer) until you have the clarity and knowledge to tackle it.

I do both phone and email consultations and I’m really good at helping people get clarity around the things they need to do to make more money and find better customers. I’ve been doing this for a while now and have seen some incredible results from the people I’ve worked with. Learn more below.

See what others have to say.


Create an impact.

Learn From Failure

These single consultations are really the best way to resolve a singular specific issue in the short term or to get some direction for the long term. Whether it’s having me analyze a specific situation or problem, or just bouncing some ideas off me to get some feedback, it really is amazing what can be accomplished with these calls. A lot of people use consultations every few weeks as a way to have someone experienced to keep them accountable and give them specific things to work on and improve over a longer period of time.

Solve Real Problems

achieve your goals.

Use my brain. Let me help you solve problems and find opportunities you can take advantage of with minimal effort. It’s there. You just might not see it because you’re in too deep. And let’s face it, an outside perspective from someone experienced is always good. We all need someone we can bounce ideas off to take us to that next level. Let me be that for you. Hire my brain and let me be your outside pair of eyes and ears if you think you can use them. They can help you.

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close the gap between where you are and where you want to be.


If you’re interested in hiring a temporary partner and strategist to help you work on something, or if you’re ready to solve a problem and are looking for some guidance, these consultation calls can be just what you need. Click the link below, reach out and tell me about what’s going on. If I think I can help you, we’ll take it from there and schedule a call.