Wired for Success

Practical Philosophies to Master Entrepreneurship
& Live Life on Your Terms


Wired for Success is a book for those who are curious not only about financial freedom but also about intellectual and emotional freedom. It’s for the individual who wants to be able to rely on themselves, completely, to create life on their terms.


This is a book that explores philosophy and entrepreneurship. It’s one that challenges modern-day cultural conditioning and exposes widespread limiting beliefs that cause people to struggle in business and in life. In it, you’ll find eastern philosophy and western psychology employed to describe how the human being experiences reality, and why some people see a world others don’t. You’ll uncover the values and beliefs that can influence your behavior to be consistent with both happiness and success, and you’ll discover how to get an advantage in playing the role of the entrepreneur. Wired for Success is all about practical ways of getting an edge against the worst enemy you’ll face in business—yourself.

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