Good Men Are Dangerous But Disciplined Men

We live in an increasingly complex society.

Everyone wants peace, happiness, and prosperity, but not everyone wants others to experience this as well.

Some are completely unaware of the harm they do.

…And others, proud of the havoc and destruction they cause.

“Justice. Honor. Pride.”

“They’re bad people. They deserve it. They need a lesson. It’s the right thing to do.”

It’s easy to rationalize harmful acts when you’re trained to view others as something completely separate from you.

Ignorance can put on the mask of evil and commit atrocities the average person will shut their eyes to.

Nobody is born this way, but history has proven this to be a fact of life.

This being the case, it’s not enough for man to merely be peaceful.

A man who’s only capable of peace is not a good man. This is a weak man. A well-behaved, obedient, harmless, and unwilling man.

A cowardly man.

For a man to be a good man—a strong and virtuous man—he must not only have a dark side, but he must develop it.

He must recognize the monster within himself—the evil he’s capable of—and he must train it in such a way that he’s able to unleash that beast, if and when necessary.

Therefore, a good man is a savage man. A dangerous man. A ferocious and threatening man…

…HOWEVER, he is also a disciplined man.

This man has his darkness under voluntary control.

Thus, he has the capacity to truly be a good man.


We all want peace, happiness, and prosperity, but not everyone wants others to experience this as well.

If you’re truly on the path of personal development—becoming a better version of yourself daily—you must have within yourself the capacity to unleash Hell.

You MUST be willing to say “No”, to stand firm with your decision—with your mind made up—and to go on to do what you have to without looking back.

This is how the warrior serves and protects.
This is how the warrior achieves inner peace.

“A student asked his master: “You teach me fighting but you talk about peace. How do you reconcile the two?” The master replied: “It’s better to be a warrior in a garden than to be a gardener in a war.”

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