That One Thing You’re Looking For to Start

“Someday you’re going to have to learn to separate what seems to be important from what really is important.” — George Lucas, born on May 14, 1944

You have this cool project you’re working on. Could turn out to be a great business idea. Imagine, you get to impact a bunch of lives and make a ton of money in the process.

You’re motivated. You’re ready. But something’s not just right. It like something’s missing. This one golden piece. You want answers. You NEED answers.

You start looking. Book, articles, Google, blog posts, YouTube videos, courses, coaches, consultants—they all seem to say something different. You find me, and it seems I’m saying something different.

You hit the brakes and stop.

You’re excited, nervous, hopeful, and overwhelmed—all at the same time.

Ah, confusion—isn’t it great?

Look, could it be that you’re hearing just what you need to hear from all of us? …Or at least, from me?

Could it be you already know enough to get started?

Could it be that this missing golden piece you’re looking for is a special piece that’s found “on the way”? Right in the trenches of what you hesitate to do?

That’s what I find with most of the people I’ve mentored. They’ve been ready. And if that’s you too, it’s time to stop looking for more information and decide on a strategy.

Make a plan. Put a deadline on that plan. And then cut that deadline in half.

Your plan doesn’t need to be perfect or even fully thought out. My plans are usually just a few sentences to start. A rough draft. An outline. Why? Because plans evolve and change over time.

Why did we cut the deadline in half? Why not? What else are you doing that’s more important?

Isn’t this something that’s going to sustain the lifestyle you want? That thing that’s going to put food on the table? The one that’s going to give you meaning in life?

This is your life’s work. The thing you’re doing for YOU. You’re the one with the crazy dreams of actually being happy with your work. Right?

Create a plan. Put a deadline on it that sounds crazy. And get good at pushing yourself to points of magic.

Get good at PRACTICING with PRESSURE. Like someone who weighs 85 pounds more than you is laying on top of you, has you pinned to the floor, and you have to get home to feed your pet baby giraffe.

That’s my message to you. That’s what I’m really telling you behind most messages you see. Not so different from what you wanted, right? A baby giraffe is exactly what everyone needs.

Work smart. Focus more on the things that matter. And give it what you got—for you.

Do this until you get your first few customers. Overdeliver. Get referrals. Create momentum. Then it’s just downhill from there.

But time is passing…

What’s your plan? Do you know what you’re going to do? Write it down. Put a deadline on it, then cut that deadline in half.

Then get on it. Because giraffes grow quickly, and they have big appetites.

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