The Force of Rationalization

Have you recognized that “thing” within you that doesn’t want you to have the “good life”?

It’s there, within each of us, and it has the influence to take control in such a way where it convinces us it knows what’s best.

It uses the same mind-powers we would use to approach the “good life” but it actually keeps us away from it.

That career we want, the position we want, the business we want, the relationship we want, ultimately, the life we want.

It’s all within our grasp. Except, this “thing”—this force—holds us back.

With perfect logic, it uses sound reasoning to convince us why those things we want, aren’t really what we want.

It lies to us in the worst possible way: using the truth.

“It’s too much stress for right now. I have my plate full. It’ll throw me off balance”

“It’ll negatively impact my relationships. She won’t like me doing this. It’s not good for us.”

“That’s a big sacrifice that I can’t make right now. I’m not ready.”

That’s how this force convinces us not to try. It taps into that inner dialog we have with ourselves and rationalizes why we shouldn’t change anything.

This force hates change.

As such, it will try to stop us from doing anything that seems scary, uncomfortable, or has within it factors of uncertainty.

And even if we do step forward into the unknown, it can act out and retaliate in such ways as to bring itself back into familiarity.

That’s when the human organism becomes most vulnerable. It tried, experienced a setback, and gave up—creating for itself a limitation.

Under these circumstances, disappointment seeps into an individual. Following closely behind blame, guilt, and shame.

These are the ingredients for low self-esteem. And it’s where this force wants us because we’re easier to control there.

There is a way out though—a very simple way. We use the same methods that force uses, except to our benefit.

We lie to ourselves, using the truth.

“I didn’t make it this time, but I’m getting better.”

“I’ve given myself so much to process and learn from.”

“This experience is really going to make a difference for me in the future.”

If we decide to believe these lies, the mind will turn them into truth.

And that’s where our power to overcome this force is: in our ability to decide.

We can decide what to focus on.

We can decide what things mean to us.

And we can decide how we’re going to respond.

In life, we can face all sorts of different circumstances. But it’s up to us whether we’re going to fight those circumstances or transcend them.

Fighting will result in wasted energy.

Transcending will lead to the “good life”.

Our only obstacle is within ourselves—that force within.

“Rule your mind or it will rule you.”
— Quintus Horatius Flaccus

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