This is Your Purpose in Life

People talk a whole lot about finding your “purpose” in life. Some even try to sell you on helping you find it. As if there’s some great calling that you MUST attune to—OR ELSE!

They’re pretty crafty with the way they put their pitch together. Makes a person feel like they’re really not doing what they should be—like they’re not enough.

I guess that’s what they need to do to get that credit card number though, right?

If this message goes viral, it may crush some business models, but the truth is, life happens for its own sake.

We don’t “live for” anything.

We simply “live”.

The purpose of life is that it is to be lived.

Life isn’t to be conceptualized and squeezed into certain patterns of behavior. And it surely isn’t to be traded for anything.

In order to live life wholeheartedly, a person must live in such a way that life flows through them, unhampered. The person that’s living completely isn’t conscious of living because it’s just happening. There are no questions asked, no statements made. It’s just happening—NOW.

The answer to life’s ultimate question—what’s the meaning to it all?—is that it just IS.