Walk More To See More

If you’re trying to create something extraordinary you may not be able to today, but tomorrow you can.

Follow me for a second.

If you’re walking down a path and you can only see the first ten feet in front of you, how can you see the next ten feet?

The Answer: Walk the first ten feet.

Walk as far as you can see, and then you’ll be able to see some more.

Then walk some more and see some more.

When I’m working with the students I mentor we have a vision we’re working towards but we’re uncovering just the next step to creating that vision and acting on only that.

We work together to break down the process in the most simple way so that it’s ACTIONABLE and NOT OVERWHELMING.

My promise to them is the same to you: If you can walk that first ten feet and do that thing you uncover you need to do, you will see more.

Do what you know you can do the best you can.

This is the single greatest activity to develop a discipline that will bring you the confidence and clarity to be unshakable when pursuing your vision.