Good Salespeople Value Reputation

Every once in a while, you come across a salesperson you’re really grateful for.

We’re not talking about the slimy, short-term, hustler’s mentality, manipulative selling.

Nobody likes those guys, and they give sales a bad name.

However, if you’ve ever had your needs and preferences really listened to by a salesperson, and you’re happy about your purchase, that’s a good sales transaction.
Satisfactory stuff.

Five-star rating and two thumbs up.

If you purchased something from someone, and it ended up being more than what was expected, you can be grateful for good salespeople.

Cars, houses, shoes, technology —unless you made a direct purchase online, it’s likely someone sold you one of these things.

If you’re happy with what you ended up with, it’s a result of good sales.

And, there’s always an opportunity for people who can create good sales transactions.

That’s because most people don’t enjoy the process of making expensive purchases.
You don’t hear anyone happy about having to shop around for a car. And buying a house is listed as one of the most stressful experiences for young adults.

These people endure the process of shopping around because they end up with what they want, not because they enjoy browsing and comparing dozens of options.

The role of the salesperson is critical for this reason, and every business needs them.
Without them, there’s no one to bring confidence and care to the decision-making process—there’s no one to help prospects get unstuck.

Good salespeople listen, earn trust and attention, then risk it all by introducing tension.

(after carefully listening…)

“Here’s something useful.”
“Here’s something you’d like.”
“Here’s something you might want to know.”

Then, some tension.

“There’s something that will make your life easier, but you can’t have it unless you buy this _

You trust the guy.

He’s been observing, listening.

He knows what you want, and he’s a professional in his field.

He knows if what he has sucked, you won’t trust him anymore.

But he’s still telling you he has something that will change your life.

He even claims you’ll come back and buy a second and third one to give away.

Tension is created.

Because the person is taking a risk, and you trust them, you might decide to look into what they have.

If things work out, a good sales transaction takes place.

What happens is the salesperson goes out on a limb on behalf of the prospect who’s afraid to go out on a limb alone.

In doing so, he helps the prospect get what they want.

Consequently, he gets what he wants.

So, if you’ve ever known a good salesperson, highlight them and thank them.

Make em’ stand out as the example to follow.

…because nobody likes the slimy, short-term, hustler’s mentality, manipulative selling.

“Sales is not about selling anymore, but about building trust and educating.” — Siva Devaki