Spiritual Approach To Getting Things Done

We live in a society that promotes hard work and seems to reward constant action.
It’s common that we hear the phrase “hustle hard to make it”, “hard work pays off”, “80 hour work weeks!”.

This leads many into investing massive amounts of hours into their work to get things done.

There’s a sense of lack, an inner void that needs to be filled. How else will things get done?

The common sense that we’ve been programmed with leads us to believe that we need to force ourselves into the action we think is necessary to meet our quotas and deadlines.

Well, carrying on like this, we’ll miss out on other aspects of life.

Family life becomes sacrificed. Personal hobbies, health, and even relationships decline.

After doing this for so long, one becomes drained and burnt out.

Maybe even gives up.

Then, they find themselves with less than what they had when they started—or worse, they get what they think they wanted, but lose everything else in the process.

This is the outcome of hustling to cure the dis-ease of not-enough-itis—of wasting vital creative energy to actualize a concept of what one thinks they should be.

That’s what our culture promotes—the idea that we don’t have enough and that we need to DO and HAVE more to BE BETTER.

A culture of consumption will always encourage one to think more stuff will lead to more happiness, more security, and a greater sense of self-worth.

And, although many will want to find out for themselves, this idea couldn’t be farther from the truth.

The business owners and entrepreneurs that come to me are incredibly hard workers, but they know there are other ways to get things done.

A better way.

A way that doesn’t require FORCED action.

A way that doesn’t require pure HUSTLE.

This way is the way of ALIGNED action.

INSPIRED action.

A successful entrepreneurial life is NOT about hustle and forced hard work.

But rather, it’s about aligning your work to your vision, your values, your purpose, your talents and abilities.

The greatest entrepreneurs don’t do things they don’t like doing—they hire people for that and they focus on their strengths, on what they enjoy.

Don’t get me wrong – putting in the work is vital.

Massive action IS necessary.

But when you’re aligned with what needs to be done, the work doesn’t really feel like work.

When you’re aligned, and your actions are creatively stimulated, things seem to effortlessly fall in place, and your work is more like play. Things just happen on their own.

It’s the Taoist approach called Wu-Wei—’Doing not-doing’.

This isn’t what we’ve been taught though.

We’ve, in a way, been conditioned to see reality through a particular lens—something like closing one eye and looking through a straw.

It’s not until we take away the straw and open the other eye that we see the bigger picture.

There’s another way to experience life—to create and get things done.

When we’re aligned, we can accomplish more in just one hour than if we were to force our way into working for four hours.

This happens because we have a wider view of things, and because of this wider view, direction comes naturally—the next step is obvious to us, and we don’t get in our own way.

This is the cure to filling that void, to feeling like we always have to DO more.

It’s a change in perspective.

A shift out of “me”, “mine”, “more” and into a space of gratitude because we have a sense of clarity—results don’t matter because everything that’s meant for us will be ours eventually.

Action from this place is non-hurried action from a space of connectedness, from a space of natural abundance.

Not only does this change our attitude of “working”, but it causes ripple effects that impact everyone we come across.

We’re more present with those who we come across.

Aside from fulfilling our duties and solving problems, spreading and sharing this energy with others is the greatest gift we can give to the world.

Realizing that we’re a part of something bigger than ourselves, it’s only natural to give ourselves to others in this way.

This is the game-changer that allows us to create our vision with ease—to bring our dreams into reality.

By dropping old ideas that no longer serve the bigger picture of what we want to create, we leap forward into ‘Being’ first.

Then, the Doing does itself.

“Those who flow as life flows know they need no other force.”
— Lao Tzu