Life Demands That You’re Flexible

The basic principle of life is that it is dynamic—never stagnant.

There’s a constant movement, seemingly chaotic—without a rhythm—and in a state of constant change. Things live by moving and grow as they go.

In this ever-flowing “movement” sometimes there are periods of unpleasantness. These trying times may leave scars, but like running water, if it causes us to stop, we’ll grow stale.

Each experience teaches a lesson—that should be enough to go on with courage.

It’s just there’s a pendulum in life and it must have balance.

Only the center of anything is preserved, and in that center, we have our own balance.

There’s nothing to be taken personally. It’s just the nature of life that sometimes it’s nice and pleasant and sometimes it’s not.

That’s what confirms the importance of flexibility.

Living things are soft and easily bent. Dead things are dry and hard.

Thus it can be said that flexibility is life and rigidity is death.

This principle is true in a person’s body and mind, as well as their business.