Your Reason Closes The Gap From A to B

The people that come to me for advice on getting to the next level generally want to start a business or grow their new business.

They’ve seen me or others working for themselves and they associate the endeavor with status, freedom, or massive wealth.

It’s attractive.

Today, to become an entrepreneur almost seems to be the “dream”.

At least, it’s portrayed that way.

People log into YouTube, social media, and Google, and they can’t miss it. All these people selling them on the idea of making money online.

Something eventually clicks inside, and they think, “I can probably do that…”

They start to take inventory of the skills they’ve learned.

Various past job experiences rush through their mind.

“I have what it takes.” they think.

And, they do.

Then, an important question comes up.

“What business am I going to start?”

Then suddenly, like a parachute opened behind them, they slow down, sink into their emotions, and begin drifting.

See, from what I’ve noticed, many people are super excited about the idea of starting a business. But when it comes to actually put in the work and getting the wheels turning, the energy just isn’t there.

The pattern is the same for any lifestyle change.

An individual is at point A, and they have this idea that point B is better. However, to close the gap between point A and point B, some changes need to take place.

There could be many reasons why an individual never makes it to point B and stays at point A, but when it comes down to it, it’s as simple as this: They don’t have a strong enough reason to get there.

In the case of starting a business, most think that the work they’re putting in is for money, freedom, or for status.

Right there, they shoot themselves in the foot.

Their attitude on what a business is, is completely backwards.

In almost all cases, a new business owner is investing all their funds back into the business to grow it. They don’t see profits for a good while.

As far as freedom goes, good luck. You’re working around the clock, from the moment you wake up until the moment you lay down to sleep. The business is on your mind—a l l t h e t i m e.

And, in regards to status, unless you have some incredibly wealthy and well-recognized partners, you’re starting from the same place everyone else does – the BOTTOM.

So, what is the proper attitude on what a business is?

Well, first and foremost, a business is created and becomes successful because it solves a viable problem.

In other words, it provides VALUE.

It makes the lives of OTHERS easier.

Starting a business with the “me first” mentality is bound to get you into trouble.

Yes, that business is yours and ultimately, it will serve you. But, before it’s able to do that, it has to serve countless others and become a fine-tuned systematic machine in the process.

The money, freedom, and status you achieve are consequences of this fine-tuned systematic machine providing value to others, FIRST.

So, if you’re wondering what business to start, take a step back.

Save yourself some disappointment, and analyze your approach.

Instead of wondering what business to start, ask yourself what problem you want to solve.

From there, it won’t feel like a chore doing everything you need to do. But rather, it’ll feel like you’re fulfilling an obligation to help people, to be of service.

It’s a small shift in perspective, but it makes all the difference in developing a powerful enough reason to get from point A to point B.

That’s what those shady marketers online won’t tell you when they try to sell you on their system to EARN BIG BUCKS ONLINE – NOW.

But I will, cuz I want to help you and stuff.

“You will get all you want in life, if you help enough other people get what they want.

— Zig Ziglar

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