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You Won’t Believe How Simple it is to Make Money Online These days

We’re living in some of the most interesting times with the greatest opportunities.

The digital marketplace has changed the landscape of business.

Never has it been easier to create something and put it in front of a prospect who will pay for it.

Joy to the passionate and curious. Inspiration is in the air.

If my decade of business development and online marketing experience has taught me anything, it’s that the internet can be leveraged to create a life of freedom—and this is the time to be making money online.

If you’re a creative professional linked to this global mind, you have a front-row seat at riding this massive wave and building a business in this digital marketplace around something you enjoy.

Some people will see it. Some won’t. Some will play with the idea and never really commit to getting the wheels in motion and earning their first few bucks online. They’ll quit when it gets hard. Some excuse.

You won’t, though. Right? Don’t be left out, let’s talk.

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“The Opposite of Courage is Not Cowardice; it’s Conformity.”

– Rollo May


To succeed in anything in life one needs to develop a single trait above all others: discipline. In today’s society, the word ‘discipline’ comes with a negative feel. Instead, we use the word ‘skill’—that’s what it takes to get to where you want.


Creating something from nothing is Edmond’s forte. Starting his first business at age 21 with just $160, he’s grown and developed powerful business acumen, expert marketing abilities, and strategic problem-solving skills.


Leaders help themselves in ways that simultaneously help others. They provide stimulating environments that bring out the best in others.


Aside from business and marketing, the transformative power of self-awareness and the idea of self-actualizing a fulfilling life are the general topics of Business Life Tactics.

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