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I’m Edmond and I explore ways to unlock human potential, streamline financial independence, and grow through digital marketing – offering you practical and strategic ways to grow your income and improve the quality of your life.

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Money is more than a medium of exchange – it’s a pivotal force in our lives, especially for entrepreneurs. Get a sneak peak at what it means to be Wired for Success. Click the button below to get your free chapter of my book, Wired for Success: Practical Philosophies to Master Entrepreneurship and Life Life on Your Terms.

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The Strategic Position Identifier Method (SPIM) is like having a bird’s eye view of your playing field from the mind of a 50+ year veteran business executive. It will help you understand things from a macro level by providing you with a potent source of information for strategic planning.

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Insights on human potential, leveraging the internet for money, and living a better life.

About Me

Who Is Edmond Abramyan?

Exploring ways to unlock human potential.

Hey, I'm Edmond.

I’m a brand advisor to 6-7 figure earners who want to take their business to the next level with digital marketing.

I’m the guy they come to when they feel their online presence could use a boost to gain more influence, attract leads, and make more money – while staying true to their values.

I help them get clarity around the opportunities that’ll take them to the next level, without relying on pushy marketing tactics or inauthentic messaging. 

As an eCommerce and distribution business owner turned author turned mentor and consultant, I’ve developed business and psychological acumen over the last decade to take marketing campaigns to the next level. 

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